Welcome to QueryDynamics

Established in March 2009, QueryDynamics Inc. provides services that aid in the analysis of online search queries, chat messages as well as web documents. Our wide range of services can help in delivering more accurate, focused and personalized search results and advertisements for a large number of customers.

Our services can help search engines, webstores, publishers and affiliates increase their advertising revenue by a significant amount. Most online advertising is currently based on keywords which results in incorrect and sparse advertising or no advertising at all for many search queries, web pages and chat messages. Our patent pending Entity Recognition technology recognizes fine grained entities in search queries, web pages and chat messages. Our unique software solution can also be used to classify documents. Using our technology, our customers can display context sensitive advertising on search engine pages and web pages which in turn can result in increased pay per click revenue.

Why Use Query Dynamics?

  • Improved Advertising and Search Results

  • Increased Click Through Rates on Online Advertisements

  • Increased ROI for Advertisers

  • Reduced Keyword Management for Advertisers, Publishers and Affiliates
Tuesday 3rd May, 2011
Tweet Dynamics was launched
Wednesday 18th November, 2009
Attended the Web 2.0 Conference in New York.
Saturday 8th August, 2009
Attended SES Conference in San Jose (Aug 11-14)
Saturday 8th August, 2009
Attended Affiliate Summit Conference in New York (Aug 9-11)